My heart is bigger than my brain

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Choose your colors

Trying out new things can be fun and it teaches you a lot, whether you notice it or not. For this illustration I chose to use only three colors AND I gave myself no more than 1 hour to make it. I loved using a restricted color palet and I love these three colors! They give the painting a warm and unique style. What do you think?

My boy starting high school

When my oldest boy was a baby, I asked myself when I’d think he was really growing up. My answer then was 4 years old. When he was 4, I asked myself the same question again and this time the answer was when he starts high school. And next schoolyear he will do just that. I am both a bit nervous and positively excited! He is so done with primary school and hopefully he will find a lot of nice challenges on his new path.

Project Runway

This month I watched Project Runway, season 19. It was because of Lauren Graham (you know, Gilmore Girls). She wrote about being a judge there once (in a previous season) and how she never wants to be a judge again. I can imagine. You see all of those contestants working so hard with lots of passion, blood, sweat and tears and you have to send someone home. Not fun.

What I do like the most about these kind of shows is the psychology. How do the contestants (and judges!) react to all the drama, the pressure, how do they interact with each other, how do they take care of themselves?

Quote: “I didn’t come here to write a narrative, I came here to be me“.

And now what?

In the previous newsletter, I was wondering why I was making art in the first place. My answer: art is magic, just do not question it. This month I made a postcard, one you can play with because you can pick up some parts and move them around. Create your own magic with it. BUT…

It was awesome to make this, but now it’s on my desk, standing there. And now what? Do I store it, give it to someone, sell it, throw it out? It’s a question I struggle with. Not just with this card, but with all of the things I create.

I’m telling myself: It’s magic, it’s magic. The process of making is magic. Let that be enough.

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