Evolving Sketchbook

How does it work?
– I will make a sketchbook with paper you can draw & paint on and whatever you want to put on it. And I’ll start the sketchbook by drawing/making sketches/use paint.
– Then I will send it to the next person in the circle, she will add her uniqueness to it in any way she likes.
– She will send it to the next person in the circle and so on until the sketchbook arrives back with me.
– I will scan everything and make a zine/booklet out of it so you can see all of it digitally and also easy to print & assemble.
– I will send the digital file of the scanned drawings to all of you and you all can print it out and assemble into a booklet. You will have a remarkable piece of art when the exchange is over! A unique sketchbook art-present!

So we all send ONE sketchbook ONE time to someone else. And at the end we can ALL view digitally and/or print out the one filled sketchbook.

At the moment we’re with a group of 11 people from 3 different countries.

* After you received the sketchbook, you’ll have one week to add two pages (a spread) and send the sketchbook forward to the next person in the circle.
* You will receive a list of contact information from me by mail. There you’ll read the names & addressess of the participants. If a sketchbook arrives really late, or you can’t participate anymore, let me know. Moving or having to quit? Let me know as soon as possible. Share pictures on Instagram of the sketchbook while in the process? Sneakpeeks? YES! That’s awesome! Tag me (anna.garssen) so I can share it as a story & highlight and all participants can enjoy seeing the pics too.

* If you want to use paint in the sketchbook and you think the paper gets too bulgy, paint on a seperate piece of paper and glue it in the sketchbook.
* Are you stuck and don’t know what to make? Google (images) ‘sketchbook drawing ideas’, of go to Pinterest for ideas (type ‘Sketchbook). There’s so much inspiration everywhere! And…. it’s totally fine to make ‘mistakes’!
* Shipping. Before you send your sketchbook: take pictures or scan the pages. It rarely happens, but mail gets lost sometimes. Always put your return address on the envelope. If the sketchbook gets too thick to get through a letter box, you could open the sketchbook and send it that way. Share one or more pics on Instagram, use the hashtag #evolvingsketchbook

Send me a DM on my Instagram, or send me a mail.

Have fun!!